The Circle Scope Experience

The Platform

People spend 80% of their day in interior spaces. We believe there’s an emotional connection there. Through the services we provide, you can show,promote, advertise your interior space anytime, anywhere. People can move through an interior space without actually being there.

Through our services, anyone can view and walk through an interior space, without being physically there, anytime, anywhere.

How it works

It usually takes 30-40 minutes for every 90 square meters.

You do not need to provide anything for us. Everything in our services is digital. Just make sure that we have access to the property in order for us to enter your space with our equipment

Please have the space in a condition suitable for scanning before the scheduled appointment. We prefer the interior space to be clean and tidy in order to maximize the results.

Please provide instructions in the appointment scheduling form on how to access the property.

You are not required to be on site while we are present at the property. The scanning process can be time consuming with a typical scan taking between 1-3 hours to complete.

Contact us now to discuss what we can do for you.